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Spit P230l

High Productivity Tool


  • Fixing steel decking on a 3 mm insert to a reinforced beam
  • Fixing steel decking along a louvre turret
  • Fixing steel decking on IPN

    Technical Data

  • Category: Indirect acting, Class A, Symbol A
  • In accordance with the requirements of the French Standards NFE 71 100, NFE 71 101 and NFE 71 105 (cartridges)


  • Safe and reliable: MAC safety system self-controlled piston
  • Fast: ultra-fast loading, 1,000 nails an hour
  • Integrated disc cartridges
  • SBR 14 Pins
    - the packaging tube contains 10 SBR 14
    - the magazine tube has a capacity of 35 SBR 14
  • Spit 230L

    Advantages: (continued)

  • Extreme working comfort
    - the standing position avoids fatigue problems related to bending while nailing
    - there is no recoil when fixing
  • Easy to handle
    - the tool can be adapted to left and right hand users by simple and fast reversal of the handle
  • Versatile
    - the P230L uses the same consumables as the P230 cartridge tool (only the packaging) of the SBR 14 is adapted for loading on the P230L.
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