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Remedial Wall Ties

The Site Survey

A site survey must be made to ascertain the cause of any wall defects and to establish the condition of the existing ties. Wall failures can be attributed to insufficient numbers of ties or badly installed ties, as well as wall tie corrosion. The survey should analyse whether old ties should be removed or isolated. The type of construction of both leaves of the wall must be carefully identified to establish the best replacement wall tie for the remedial work required.

Remedial Wall Ties:

Replacement Wall Tie Selection

Variations in substrate call for corresponding variations in remedial fixing techniques.Traditional brick inner and outer leaves are usually retied by mechanical expansion in each leaf.

The Mactie replacement tie comprises two parallel expander sleeves assembled on a central rod, each being set to a predetermined torque with a pre-set torque device giving fast, controlled installation at low in-place cost.

Where the inner leaf is lightweight block, or suspect material incapable of sustaining expansion stresses, secure fixing is achieved by injecting polyester or vinylester resin. It is preferred that mechanical fixing is retained in the outer leaf to allow vertical and horizontal differential movement of the walls due to thermal movement.

The SPIT Product Selector recommends the most suitable product for the site substrates concerned.

Tie Spacing

The location and density of replacement wall ties is the responsibility of the structural engineer. Site tests should be carried out to obtain actual pullout values of the selected tie in the particular site substrate.

As a general guide, ties are fixed at 900mm horizontal centres and 450mm vertical centres, staggered to give a domino five pattern. Around openings the density is normally increased to 300mm centres and max 225mm from opening.

Spacing can vary due to cavity width and thickness of outer or inner leaf.
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